About UnaPharma

How UnaPharma Works

UnaPharma is a platform, which aggregates stock inventory and prices from thousands of pharmacies across the Philippines. This allows our customers to search and discover medicines available around their location in different pharmacies. After finding the medicines the customer may reserve these medicines at a pharmacy of his choice. The pharmacy will be notified of the reservation and will confirm it with the customer. The customer then will proceed to the pharmacy to pick up and pay for his reservation.

Since we want our customers to be safe, we follow a few basic rules:

  • We list only FDA-registered medicines, supplements, and medical devices. Any product added to our platform is verified against the FDA database.
  • We enroll only FDA-licensed pharmacies. In order to join our platform, the pharmacy must have a valid FDA License to Operate. We check any pharmacy applying for the account against the FDA database.

Vision and Mission

UnaPharma was born out of the desire to make medicines and healthcare supplies easily accessible to Filipinos wherever they are. Established in 2021, UnaPharma is a digital medicine reservation service that lets customers reserve medicines on our online platform. Together with our FDA-registered partner pharmacies and distributors, medicines and healthcare essentials can now be only a few clicks away. And as our services continue to evolve, we aim to expand and offer same-day medicine delivery services, health hotline services, online prescription services, and more.


Our vision is to become the main online source of medicines and healthcare essentials in the Philippines. We envision UnaPharma as the solution in innovating the Filipinos’ pharmacy experience by removing the need to go outside and line up for hours in physical pharmacies just to purchase medicines. 


UnaPharma’s mission is to bring ease and simplicity in the process of medicine purchasing. Through our online platform and together with our partner pharmacies and distributors, we aim to fulfill every Filipino’s medicine and healthcare needs.